Activated Carbon Felt



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  • Activated carbon is a porous form of carbon which can be manufactured from a variety of carbonaceous raw materials.
  • The activation process involves treating the raw material with steam or chemicals, thereby developing a high surface pore structure.
  • The felt is a directly activated non-woven fibre with high surface area and good purity.
  • It has the features of large adsorption volume, fast adsorption speed, heat-resistance, acid resistance & alkaline resistance.
  • The regeneration for activated carbon fiber is convenient & easy at relatively low temperature. The adsorption capacity keeps almost same after many times of regeneration.

Activated Carbon Cloth

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  • Oil mist filters in compressed air.
  • Gas sensor protectors and filters.
  • Protection of artifacts from tarnish and degradation.
  • Water and air purification.
  • Escape masks.
  • Low weight reduced resistance respirator canisters.

Activated Carbon Powder & Carbon Black Powder

Zorflex activated carbon cloth

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