Flex-Shield is recommended as a protective heat shield on the hot-face of vacuum furnace insulation packages. It can be installed directly over carbon/graphite felt or conventional rigid board insulation. Flex-Shield is optimized to be extremely durable and yet pliable enough for bending.



  • Insulation Protection: Use of Flex-Shield cost effectively extends the lifetime of conventional hot zone insulation.
  • Machinability: Flex-Shield can be easily cut using a utility knife and straight edge.
  • Easy installation: Flex-Shield covers the face of the insulation package by conforming to the walls of both round and square hot zones.
  • Increased Efficiency: Reduces convective and radiant heat transfer.


  • Custom sheet sizes, machined shapes, and gaskets made to order.
  • We can also supply (2 ply CFC + Graphite foil = 0.060' thick) for increased durability. Sample pricing at the top of the page. Call for all options.
  • Volume discounts apply for 10 sheets or more.

SDS Sheet