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  • Increased strength & durability.
  • No warpage over time.
  • Less thermal mass means faster heat up & cooldown, as well as lower cycle costs.
  • Improved temperature uniformity inside the furnace.
  • Better cost performance overall vs. Metal.
  • Lighter weight so easier to load & unload.


Carbon Fiber Composite fixtures have finally reached the tipping point where the return on investment makes the material's benefits very competitive vs. traditional cast and welded metal heat treating fixtures and baskets. GraphiMaterials random chopped fiber CFC and tradition 2D CFC shelving, fixtures, and baskets are quickly finding a place in the heat treating industry. Our material is unique to the industry and provides an even better value while providing great design flexibility, strength, and resistance to oxidation.

Carbon Fiber Composite vs. Refractory Metals
Compared to RA330, Inconel and other common refractory metals CFC has:
  • Lower thermal mass for quicker heat up and cool down cycles
  • Higher thermal conductivity which further decreases heat up and cool down cycles resulting in more even heating across layers
  • No warpage and almost zero thermal expansion
  • High across plane thermal conductivity, lower through plane conductivity prevents hot spots
  • Ability to be adhesively bonded or cemented
  • Extremely high upper use limit of 3000C (5,432F)
  • May only be used in vacuum and protective atmospheres
  • Oxidizes in air above 350C (662F)
  • Can react with metals being treated and lower their melting point (Eutectic Reaction)
  • Offers an ROI of 1-5 years vs. metal depending on the application
  • Can be molded or wound into complex shapes such as fans

SDS Sheet


Sample Concept Drawing
Random Chopped Fiber Brochure

Custom Chopped Fiber CFC Grids & Shelves

  • Any shape hole and pattern of hole.
  • Holes can be stepped sizes & partials.
  • Variable thickness up to 2 inches +(60mm.)
  • Plate sizes up to 80 x 40 inch (2000 x 1000mm.)
  • Various ceramic coating available for eutectic protection.