Size Capability:

Vibrated Graphite Notes:

  • As Content of all grades can be purified to 50 PPM
  • Density, mechanical strength and anticorrosion can be improved by further impregnation.
  • Anticorrosion cover available (SiC cover, pitch cover, ect)

Size Capability Notes:

  • Larger sizes specially pressed.
  • Machined parts done to Prints.

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Vibrated graphite's most notable feature is the large size capability. While less dense than iso-molded and extruded, for many applications where high strength is not needed, this material is perfect and has a great price point. It has an exceptionally homogeneous structure, almost isotropic properties and low ash content. Cylinders up to 1.2OD x 2.5m long and blocks 0.5 x 0.85 x 2.8m are standard. Larger custom sizes can be produced.

SDS Sheet