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GFE-1 Properties


  • GFE-1 is an ultra-high quality PAN-based graphite felt with specialized fibers and weave that has been treated to achieve high liquid wetting and absorption.
  • This material was specially developed for the demanding needs of flow battery applications. Our proprietary activation process increases active sites and surface area to over 1000+ M2/g.
  • The felt weave results in a smoother surface and a more homogeneous structure for more stable and consistent electrical performance.
  • GFE-1 is currently a custom run product and can be optimized for the application.

- We have a variety of sizes available from past runs.  The min. custom order volume is 500m2. 

- Please contact Jerry Weinstein or  Ron Mosso (Rep Page), our North American and International Energy and Electro-Chemical Application Sales Consultant for more information.  Ron spent over five years as the CTO of Enervault, a flow battery venture.  He is a wealth of knowledge for flow battery companies considering our materials.


- Samples are on a per m2 basis.

- Our current SAMPLE roll pricing is based on $200/kg for <500m2.

- Please contactJerry Weinstein or Ron Mosso for COMPETATIVE PRODUCTION Volume Quotes

SDS Sheet


Typical Flow Battery Diagram

Please see our Fire Sale page for a list of custom material that was made but not purchased.

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