SDS Sheet



  • Cylinders, discs & shapes made to order.
  • Machined features done to print.
  • Parts can be "Sealed" with graphite coating for dust reduction.
  • Graphite foil or CFC cloth can be lined onto select surfaces of all parts.
  • High temperature treatment up to 2600C & halogen purification available.
  • Average delivery times for simple cylinders and discs run 6 weeks.
  • Can deliver in 2-3 weeks on most simple shapes with expediting charge!


Graphite board insulation may be fabrication into any number of shapes. Our most common request is to pre-machine board for vacuum furnace hot zone insulation. We can make these cylinders by cutting each piece at an angle, by doing an off-set ship lap, or with a tongue and groove approach. All we need is the inside diameter of the shell and the overall length. We do the rest. We always recommend at least one extra "stave" in case of accidental breakage during installation. Holes may be field cut or we can pre-cut them with accurate prints.

This insulation is also suitable for many other complex shapes such as valve seats, valve insulation, lids, retorts and other protective atmosphere applications. We recommend sealing cut edges with our Graphite Coating when dust or erosion is a concern. Our family of graphite cements also provides excellent options for joining board and laminating protective materials such as CFC and Graphite Foil to the board.

Call [(518)701-6722] or EMAIL for pricing!
Please send a sketch, print, and photo if possible