Jerry Weinstein
•••Founder & President
Jerry Weinstein is the Founder & President of CeraMaterials and GraphiMaterials. Jerry has a PhD in Ceramic Engineering from Rutgers University with over 30 years experience, 46 US patents, and numerous publications & presentations. He has extensive experience working & consulting in fields such as advanced ceramics, graphite composites, heat treating, armor, aerospace, turbine engines, electronics, nano-composites, erosion/corrosion & whitewares. He founded CeraMaterials in 2006 to service the heat treat, metal handing, carbide & ceramics industry and launched GraphiMaterials in 2016 to further serve these markets and emerging energy storage applications.
Jeff Opitz
•••Technical Sales Specialist
Jeff has a B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh in Economics and Communications with over 10 years of sales & marketing experience. Jeff honed his sales skills at Metrie (A Sauder Company) marketing wood & trim products for home construction, Doskocil Manufacturing focused on the pet product industry, and most recently with Clarion Safety Systems, focused on safety communication systems.

CeraMaterials and its subsidiary, GraphiMaterials are global design, manufacturing, distribution and sales organizations specializing in high temperature materials including ceramics, ceramic fiber, graphite, graphite felts, carbon carbon (CFC), molybdenum, tungsten, mineral wool, silica cloth, fire brick, and other common refractory materials, coatings, and accessories. The companies have sales representatives in each region of the United States and Canada. These representatives are primarily focused on serving the heat treatment industry. The inside sales and the international sales team is based out of the Company's headquarters in Port Jervis, NY.

Cera and GraphiMaterials has a network of strategically located warehouses and partners throughout the US providing quick and affordable delivery on these materials which can sometimes be costly to ship. We back our products with a technically strong and responsive sales team that typically provides 24 hour turn around on quotes. Application engineering services and advanced material consultations with a PhD in Ceramic Materials top off our technical capabilities. The Company's founder, Dr. Jerry Weinstein, served in a variety of aerospace, defense and start up companies for over 30 years before beginning Cera and GraphiMaterials in 2006. Jerry has 46 US patents for ceramic, graphite, and other advanced material technologies as well as over 50 presentations & published articles in technical & trade journals.

Togther our companies are known for delivering great value and cost performance. We are creative, results oriented, and constantly seek to deliver exactly what our customers need.  We give everyone the same high level of service. Our customers range from dad's and mom's building a backyard pizza oven, to students doing research, to scientists evaluating materials, to maintenance mangers fixing vacuum furnaces and re-building ovens, to OEM's, as well as governments and global companies seeking to solve the world's great problems. We would love to serve you too.

Malisa DeGroot
•••Office Manager & Accounts 
Malisa has extensive experience and knowledge of managing the sales, accounting & taxes for international sales organization, improving the efficiency of the front office & transitioning the paperwork flow into Quickbooks.   Malisa has been key in office and warehouse organization & inventory management, setting up GraphiMaterials for future expansion & transition..