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  • CFC parts can be machined to print. Please email us drawings!
  • $100 minimum order.
  • Thread quality & strength of our all-thread & nuts are excellent.
  • Volume discounts will apply to pricing above. Call for details!
  • Densities up to 1.85 g/cc available for high performance CFC's
  • Higher density machines cleaner, but higher pricing.
  • 3D weave avaiable for certain shapes
  • Silicon Carbide matrix & coating available for improved abrasion resistance & thermal conductivity. 

Types of Carbon Fiber Composite

2D Carbon Fiber is made by taking layers of carbon fiber tow woven into cloth, applying a resin, vacuumforming layers together, and baking out the resin to 2000C.
3D Carbon fiber is made the same as 2D except there is joining between layers of cloth to create greater interlaminar shear strength.
Unique to our product offerings is our 2.5D material. This material is made using randomly oriented carbon fibers instead of woven tow cloth. Random chopped fiber construction is similar to OSB (oriented strand board) in wood products and the 2D material is comparable to plywood. Like OSB, random chopped fiber CFC is...
  • more isotropic (same properties in all directions)
  • more dense, less porous
  • has higher interlaminar sheer strength
  • provides higher strength for the same thickness
  • remains stronger at holes, cut outs, and other penetrations
  • provides easier and better machining resulting in stronger threads
  • does not fuzz, chip out, or delaminate at cuts

SDS Sheet

12k Twill CFC

Chopped Fiber CFC Properties